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Agric-Care Uganda

Cashew Nut Project


Cashew nut production in Uganda is on the rise, driven by the Uganda's unique climate and soil advantages. With a surge in global cashew demand, Uganda is poised to become a key player in the cashew industry. Explore the nutritional benefits, economic potential, and sustainability of cashew farming in Uganda, where agriculture meets agro-industrialization for a prosperous and eco-conscious future

Cashew nut production is one of the profitable ventures and can significantly contribute to wealth and job creation within shortest time. Cashew nut products have high demand both locally and internationally due to its nutritional contents.

Cashew nut is one of the tropical perenial crop with very long value chain that have vast economic and enviromental benefits

Currently Agric-Care Uganda is undertaking cashew project with the aim of establishing cashew plantation in 500 acres to produce about 1.5m metric tons of raw cashew nut and about 10.8 million metric tons of cashew apple

The campany has so far establish 100,000 cashew seedling of polyclonal elite varieties.

Agric-Care Uganda also sell cashew nut seedlings to generate income to enable the company to realise its objective under cashew project.

We promote Cashew nut seedlings of improved varieties (AC4, AC34, AZA2, AC10, AA7, Hybrid varieties include: H-28, H-33. (for WW-180 Grade) and, H-11, H-30 & H-32 (for WW-210). These Elite varieties start yield in the third year after transplanting the seedlings in the garden.

For more information on:...

1. Farming Techniques: Learn the best practices for cashew nut cultivation, including site selection, the best varieties and their yield potentials, planting, irrigation, pest control, and optimal harvesting methods. Gain the knowledge to maximize yields and nurture healthy cashew trees.

2. Processing Methods: Uncover the secrets of processing cashew nuts to produce high-quality kernels. From shelling and drying to roasting and packaging, discover the step-by-step procedures that will make your cashew nuts stand out in the market.

3. Marketing Strategies: Explore effective marketing techniques to promote your cashew nut products and capture the attention of potential buyers. Understand market trends, target audience segmentation, branding, and distribution channels to position your business for success.

4. Nutritional Benefits: Delve into the nutritional composition of cashew nuts and understand their positive impact on health. Discover the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants packed within cashew nuts, and learn how to communicate these benefits to your customers.

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Download the Blueprint Now!

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